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Never forget who you are

An unsuspecting, disenchanted man finds himself working as a spy in the dangerous, high-stakes world of corporate espionage. Quickly getting way over-his-head, he teams up with a mysterious femme fatale.

Chris Twin voted Dont See
Jeremy Northam as Morgan Sullivan
Lucy Liu as Rita Foster
Nigel Bennett as Finster
Timothy Webber as Callaway
David Hewlett as Virgil C. Dunn
Kari Matchett as Diane
Kristina Nicoll as Amy
Joseph Scoren as Digicorp Technician #1
Stephen Brown as Digicorp Technician #2
Arnold Pinnock as Pilot In Mensroom
Jocelyn Snowdon as Stewardess to Buffalo
Boyd Banks as Fred Garfield
Steve Jackson as Waiter Buffalo
Dan Duran as Buffalo Speaker #1
Valerie Buhagiar as Buffalo Speaker #2
Roberta Angelica as Stewardess to Omaha
George Santino as Rita's Agent #1
Nelson Tynes as Rita's Agent #2
Denis Akiyama as Speaker Omaha
Vickie Papavs as Desk Clerk Boise
Murray Furrow as Hotel Janitor Boise
Scott McLaren as Convention Waiter Boise
David Bolt as Speaker #1 Boise
Len Carlson as Speaker #3 Boise
Les Porter as Man In White Coat Boise
Bruce McFee as Businessman Boise
Judy Sinclair as Elderly Woman In Elevator
Shanly Trinidad as Gate 15 Clerk Boise
Anne Marie Scheffler as Stewardess Boise
Mike O'Shea as Sunways Security Guard
Andrew Moodie as Sunways Neuro Technician
Malcolm Xerxes as Sunways Technician #1
Matthew Sharp as Sunways Technician #2
Peter Mensah as Vault Security
David Bryant as Pilot #2 In Washroom
Alec Stockwell as Digicorp Technician #2
Matt Cooke as Digicorp Technician #3
Marcus Hutchings as Jamison
Sevaan Franks as Tomas Street (uncredited)
Vincenzo Natali Director
Brian King Screenplay
Shebnem Askin Executive Producer
Paul Federbush Producer
E.K. Gaylord II Executive Producer
Wendy Grean Producer
Casey La Scala Producer
Hunt Lowry Producer
Michael Andrews Original Music Composer
Derek Rogers Director of Photography
Bert Kish Editor