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Taking place after alien crafts land around the world, an expert linguist is recruited by the military to determine whether they come in peace or are a threat.

Navid Hegan voted Dont See
Darren voted See
Amy Adams as Dr. Louise Banks
Jeremy Renner as Ian Donnelly
Forest Whitaker as Colonel Weber
Michael Stuhlbarg as Agent Halpern
Tzi Ma as General Shang
Mark O'Brien as Captain Marks
Julia Scarlett Dan as Hannah (12 yrs. old)
Abigail Pniowsky as Hannah (8 yrs. old)
Jadyn Malone as Hannah (6 yrs. old)
Carmela Nozza Guizzo as Hannah (4 yrs. old)
Andrew Shaver as Environmental Tech
Shawn Campbell as News Reporter
Larry Day as Deputy Director of the CIA Dan Ryder
Pat Kiely as Environmental Tech
Frank Schorpion as Dr. Kettler
Lucas Chartier-Dessert as Private Lasky
Lucy Van Oldenbarneveld as CNAC Anchor
Sonia Vigneault as Dr. J. Bydwell
Mark Camacho as Richard Riley
Sabrina Reeves as Press Secretary
Russell Yuen as Chinese Scientist
Julian Casey as Australian Scientist
Tony Robinow as British Scientist
Anana Rydvald as Danish Scientist
Ruth Chiang as Chinese Scientist
Sergiy Marchenko as Russian Officer
Brittany Teo as Student with Smartphone
Chistian Jadah as Private Combs
Joe Cobden as Cryptographer #1
Lorne Brass as Cryptographer #2
Genevieve Sirois as Cryptographer #3
Abdul Ayoola as Sierra Leone Representative
Bineyam Girma as Sudanese representative
Abdelghafour Elaaziz as African Representative
Daniel Esteban as Venezuelan Representative
Hal Roberts as American TV News Anchor
Matthew Willson as Preacher
Victor Andres Turgeon-Trelles as Science Team Member #1
Michael Nangreaves as Science Team Member #2
Robert D. Morais as Master Sergeant Douglas
Mustafa Haidari as Foreign Correspondent
Albert Kwan as Chinese Man
Reda Guerinik as Communications Operator #1
Adrien Benn as Communications Operator #2
Sasha Samar as Communications Operator #3
Kathleen Stavert as Communications Operator #4
Kattia Thony as Nurse
Leisa Reid as Nurse
Brent Skagford as Lieutenant
Gurdeep Ahluwalia as Soldier
Brian Dunstan as TV Anchor
Dan Duran as TV Anchor
Lori Graham as TV Anchor
Orla Johannes as TV Anchor
Sangita Patel as TV Anchor
Tammie Sutherland as TV Anchor
Max Walker as TV Anchor
John Sanford Moore as TV Anchor
Camille Ross as TV Anchor
Ola Sturik as TV Anchor
Karen Belfo as Skype CIA Agent (uncredited)
Chloë Bellande as MIT College girl (uncredited)
Philippe Hartmann as Halpern's Deputy Director (uncredited)
Laurean Adrian Parau as US Army Major (uncredited)
Nathaly Thibault as Gala Guest (uncredited)
Leslie Baker as Middle Aged Woman (uncredited)
Christian Jadah as Private Combs
Alex M. Yeuh as Japanese Minister
Dave Campbell as Soldier
Alexander Da Mota as Venezuelan Military
Akul Dang as Pakistani Scientist
Frank Fiola as Soldier
Denis Villeneuve Director
Ted Chiang Short Story
Eric Heisserer Screenplay
Glen Basner Executive Producer
Eric Heisserer Executive Producer
Michael Jackman Co-Producer
Daniel S. Levine Producer
Shawn Levy Producer
David Linde Producer
Karen Lunder Producer
Tory Metzger Executive Producer
Milan Popelka Executive Producer
Aaron Ryder Producer
Stan Wlodkowski Executive Producer
Joe Walker Editor
Francine Maisler Casting
Patrice Vermette Production Design
Isabelle Guay Supervising Art Director
Jean-Pierre Paquet Art Direction
Robert Parle Art Direction
Paul Hotte Set Decoration
Marianne Bobet Makeup Artist
Marie-Christine Dormier Hairstylist
Sandro Di Gioacchino Hairstylist
Réjean Goderre Additional Photography
Réjean Goderre Key Hair Stylist
Joan Patricia Parris Makeup Artist
Colleen Quinton Makeup Department Head
Sabrina Trudel Makeup Artist
Alain Caporicci Set Production Assistant
Michael Jackman Post Production Supervisor
Hélène Ross Production Manager
Stan Wlodkowski Unit Production Manager
Donald Sparks Assistant Director
Serge Archambault Scenic Artist
Carole Arpin Property Master
Stephen Craig Scenic Artist
Martin Handfield Property Master
Meinert Hansen Conceptual Design
Sam Hudecki Storyboard
Helene Lamarre Art Department Coordinator
André Nicholas Malouf Set Dressing Artist
Aaron Morrison Assistant Art Director
Pierre-Jules Audet Sound Effects Editor
Niels Barletta Foley
Mathieu Beaudin Sound Effects Editor
Nicolas Becker Foley
Nicolas Becker Special Sound Effects
Sylvain Bellemare Supervising Sound Editor
Luc Boudrias Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Bernard Gariépy Strobl Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Ilyaa Ghafouri Sound Design Assistant
Steven Ghouti Foley
Olivier Guillaume Foley
Olivier Guillaume Special Sound Effects
Kyle D. Krajewski ADR & Dubbing
Claude La Haye Sound Mixer
Gilles Marsalet Foley
Tyler Newhouse ADR & Dubbing
Francis Péloquin Boom Operator
Gregory Vincent Foley
Justin Scott Wilson Sound Recordist
Marc Reichel Special Effects
Christopher Ahrens CG Supervisor
Félix Arsenault Modeling
Marc Aubry Animation
Andrew Barry Compositors
Michael Beaulac Digital Compositors
Olivier Beaulieu Digital Compositors
Matt Belbin Digital Effects Supervisor
Sébastien Bergeron Visual Effects Producer
Louise Bertrand Visual Effects Producer
Miguel Berube Ouellet Modeling
Samuel Boisvert Digital Compositors
Xavier Bourque Digital Compositors
Meggie Cabral Visual Effects Producer
Steve Cady Animation
Cynthia Rodriguez del Castillo Digital Compositors
Matthieu Chatelier Digital Compositors
Marie-Pier Couture-Alain Digital Compositors
Joanie Croteau Visual Effects Coordinator
Dominic Dauphin Digital Compositors
Robert De La Cruz Modeling
Thierry Delattre Visual Effects Producer
Julien Dubusset Animation
Lafleche Dumais CG Supervisor
Jean-François Ferland Visual Effects Supervisor
Jean-Pierre Flayeux Compositors
Vincent Forand Digital Compositors
Jessica Francoeur-Ducharme Digital Compositors
Jean-Francois Gallant Animation
Emmanuel Gatera Animation
Mathieu Girard Digital Compositors
Jose Luis Gomez Digital Compositors
Olivier Gravel Digital Compositors
Veronique Guay Digital Compositors
Nick Guth Visual Effects
Gael Hollard Digital Compositors
Nadine Homier Digital Compositors
Bryan Hsu Digital Compositors
Noémie Jacques Visual Effects Producer
Bruno-Pierre Jobin Digital Compositors
Yann Jouannic Visual Effects Coordinator
Lari Karam Animation
Peter Konig Conceptual Design
Heston Labbe Digital Compositors
Caroline Labrie Animation
Alain Lachance Visual Effects Supervisor
Marie-Claude Lafontaine Digital Compositors
Marie-Claude Lafontaine Visual Effects Coordinator
Alexandre Lafortune Visual Effects Supervisor
Mathieu Lalonde Modeling
Maxime Lapointe Digital Compositors
Xavier Larocque Digital Compositors
Patrick Lemay-Hardy Digital Compositors
Maxime Lemieux Digital Compositors
Samuel Lepage-Bedard Digital Compositors
Martine Losier Visual Effects Coordinator
Hugo Léveillé Compositors
Karina Mariano Visual Effects Coordinator
Richard Martin Compositors
Belly Mingmuong Digital Compositors
Ivan Moran Visual Effects Supervisor
Louis Morin Visual Effects Supervisor
Bradford Young Director of Photography
Jóhann Jóhannsson Original Music Composer
Catherine Nadeau Visual Effects Producer
Benoît Brière Visual Effects Producer
Renée April Costume Design
André Valade Set Decoration
Eames Gagnon Gaffer
Frédéric Chamberland Steadicam Operator
Jan Thijs Still Photographer
Jean-François Dubé Rigging Grip
Mary Lukasiewicz First Assistant Editor
Pierre Daudelin Best Boy Electric
Dan Cohen Producer
Isabelle Faivre-Duboz Script Supervisor
Mario Davignon Costume Supervisor
Viriya Say Seamstress
Dann Fink ADR Voice Casting
Bruce Winant ADR Voice Casting
Hans Bjerno Aerial Director of Photography
Peter Wilke Steadicam Operator
Pierre-Luc L'Espérance Rigging Grip
Shaun Nagorny Rigging Grip
Maude Turcot Rigging Grip
Christian Lalonde Rigging Grip
Daniel Sauvé Additional Camera
Pierre Gill Additional Camera
Marieke Séguin Rigging Grip
Keith Kerr Key Grip
Alain Bisson Doyal Techno Crane Operator
Marc Désourdy Stunt Coordinator
Krista Bell Stunts
Marie-Soleil Dénommé Set Decoration
Jean Gagnon Set Designer
Simon Guilbault Set Designer
Jordana Sapiurka Casting Assistant
Michèle St-Arnaud Location Manager
Kathy Ann Thomas Production Coordinator