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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

In the 28th century, Valerian and Laureline are special operatives charged with keeping order throughout the human territories. On assignment from the Minister of Defense, the two undertake a mission to Alpha, an ever-expanding metropolis where species from across the universe have converged over centuries to share knowledge, intelligence, and cultures. At the center of Alpha is a mysterious dark force which threatens the peaceful existence of the City of a Thousand Planets, and Valerian and Laureline must race to identify the menace and safeguard not just Alpha, but the future of the universe.

Darren voted Dont See
Dane DeHaan as Valerian
Cara Delevingne as Laureline
Clive Owen as Commander Arün Filitt
Rihanna as Bubble
Ethan Hawke as Jolly the Pimp
Herbie Hancock as Defence Minister
Kris Wu as Sergeant Neza
Rutger Hauer as President of the World State Federation
John Goodman as Igon Siruss (voice)
Elizabeth Debicki as Emperor Haban-Limaï (voice)
Sam Spruell as General Okto Bar
Alain Chabat as Bob the Pirate
Thom Findlay as Pirates (voice)
Mathieu Kassovitz as Hawker
Jonas Bloquet as K-Tron Warrior / Control Room Soldier
Sand Van Roy as Creature 'Jessica Rabbit'
Sasha Luss as Princess Lïhio-Minaa / Creature 'Candy Dress'
Louis Leterrier as Captain Welcoming Mercurys
Olivier Megaton as Captain Welcoming KCO2
Sam Douglas as Male Tourist
Aymeline Valade as Emperor Haban-Limaï
Diva Cam as Mâatri (Tsûuri's Friend)
Eric Lampaert as Guide Thaziit
Alexandre Willaume-Jantzen as Captain Kris
Gavin Drea as Sergent Cooper
Réginal Kudiwu as Major Samk
David Michie as Pearl Tsuuri (voice)
Marion Roussignol as Pearl
Emilie Pommelet as Pearl
Roman Blomme as Boulan Bathor
Emilie Livingston as Bubble Dancer
Alexandre Nguyen as Japanese Delegate
Aurelien Gaya as Igon Sirus Guard
Mikael Buxton as Paradise Alley Soldier
Yun Lai as Valley Chinois
Anders Heinrichsen as Police Officer
Tristan Robin as Roper
Yun-Ping He as Controller of the Technical Chamber
James Flynn as Guide #2
David Clark as Astronaut
Ben Mauro as Commander Arün Filitt Guard
Jean-François Lenogue as Igon Sirus Guard
Peter Eberst as Igon Sirus Guard
Peter Hudson as Captain Crowford
Xavier Giannoli as Captain Norton
Eric Rochant as Captain Welcoming Palm Müret
Benoît Jacquot as Captain Welcoming Arysum
Gérard Krawczyk as Captain Welcoming Martapuraïs
Pierre Cachia as Kortan Dahük
David Saada as Kortan Dahük
Hippolyte Burkhart-Uhlen as Kortan Dahük
Florian Guichard as Mercury
Stéphane Mir as Mercury
Thierry Barthe as Mercury
Pier Ewudu as Palm Müret
Andrew Tisba as Palm Müret
Yannick Lorté as Palm Müret
Charly Akakpo as Arysum-Kormn
Clément Beauruelle as Arysum-Kormn
Audrey Kamp as Arysum-Kormn
Anthony Hornez as Martapuraï
Julien Bleitrach as Martapuraï
Maxime Babara Touré as Martapuraï
Pauline Hoarau as Empress Aloï / Creature 'Swing Angel'
Barbare Weber Scaff as Empress Aloï (voice)
Marilhéa Peillard as Tsûuri
Lee Delong as Tsûuri / Tourist (voice)
Judith Brunett as Mâatri (Tsûuri's Friend) (voice)
Marie Barrouillet as Tsûuri Child
Cindy Bruna as Guard
Sija Titko as Guard
Daphnée Kbidi as Tortured Pearl
Nick Marzock as Tortured Pearl (voice)
Ola Rapace as Major Gibson
Stefan Konarske as Captain Zito
Mahamadou Coulibaly as Major Gibon's Soldier / Igon Junio
Julien Marlin as Major Gibon's Soldier
Yvan Lucker as Major Gibon's Soldier
Tom Hygreck as Major Gibon's Soldier
Abel Jafri as Bus Driver
Laurent Ferraro as Igon Siruss / Doghan Dagui
Jean-Robert Lombard as Igon Sirus Guard
Leonid Glushchenko as Igon Sirus Guard
Akim Chir as Igon Sirus Guard
Laminé Ba as Igon Sirus Guard
Paul Lefèvre as Siirt Guard / Siirt Salesman
Guillaume Maison as Siirt Salesman
Jean-Christophe Brizard as Siirt Salesman
Patrick Cottet-Moine as Siirt Cop
Irene Palko as Female Tourist
Tonio Descanvelle as DA / Doghan-Dagui
Velvet D'Amour as Tourist
Doug Rand as Doghan-Dagui
Grant Moninger as Doghan-Dagui (voice)
Robbie Rist as Doghan-Dagui (voice)
Christopher Swindel as Doghan-Dagui (voice)
Claire Tran as Bubble / Glamopod / Control Room Sergeant
Alain Etoundi as Club Bouncer
Fayet Nsumoto as Club Bouncer
Kristina Kachinskaya as Creature 'Twin'
Veronika Khayla as Creature 'Twin'
Sissi Duparc as Creature 'Louis XVI'
Noam Frost as Creature 'Bird Woman'
Pauline Serreau as Creature 'Tattoo'
Philippe Rigot as Hero Merchant
Étienne Ménard as Red Zone Captain
Peter Lamarque as Warship Captain
Maximilien Seweryn as K-Tron Captain
Zouheir Zerhouni as K-Tron Warrior
Tristan Zerbib as K-Tron Warrior
Elliot Jenicot as Interrogation Room Captain
Staiv Gentis as Control Room Soldier
Chloe Hollings as Alex-Intruder's Voice (voice)
Aguendia Fotabong as Boulan Bathor Emperor
Tania Dessources as Boulan Bathor Emperor's Wife
Gaëtan Cotigny as Fisherman
François Bredon as Fisherman
Cédric Chevalme as Bubble / Boulan-Bathor / Valerian
Luc Besson Director
Luc Besson Writer
Luc Besson Producer
Pierre Christin Comic Book
Jean-Claude Méziéres Graphic Novel Illustrator
Virginie Besson-Silla Producer
Camille Courau Line Producer
Alexandre Desplat Music
Thierry Arbogast Cinematography
Julien Rey Editor
Nathalie Cheron Casting
Hugues Tissandier Production Design
Gilles Boillot Art Direction
Ben Mauro Art Direction
Dominique Moisan Art Direction
Stéphane Robuchon Art Direction
Etienne Rohde Art Direction
Christian Vallat Art Direction
Thierry Zemmour Art Direction
Evelyne Tissandier Set Decoration
Olivier Bériot Costume Design
Clarisse Domine Makeup Artist
Aurelija Liansbergaite Makeup Artist
Elodie Leprince Makeup Artist
Simon Livet Makeup Artist
Lola Maillard Makeup Artist
Frédérique Ney Makeup Artist
Thi Thanh Tu Nguyen Key Makeup Artist
Vesna Peborde Makeup Artist
Félix Puget Hairstylist
Hue Lan Van Duc Makeup Artist
Aya Yabuuchi Makeup Artist
Fanny Besson Production Manager
Alan Collis Production Manager
Marc Guidetti Unit Manager
Solène Zavagno Executive In Charge Of Production
Daniel Auber Storyboard Designer
Sylvain Despretz Conceptual Design
Eric Gandois Storyboard Designer
Isaac Hannaford Conceptual Illustrator
Jean-Claude Mézières Comic Book
Elise Cresson Third Assistant Director
Emmanuelle Fourault Second Assistant Director
Stéphane Gluck First Assistant Director
Grégoire Jeudy Third Assistant Director
Louise Molière Third Assistant Director
Abigail L.S. Yardley Second Assistant Director
Jawahine Zentar Assistant Director
Ben Mauro Conceptual Design
Olivier Nguyen Property Master
Thibault Pinto Assistant Art Director
Guillaume Bouchateau Supervising Sound Editor
Katia Boutin Dialogue Editor
Stéphane Bucher Sound Mixer
Gurwal Coïc-Gallas Sound Designer
Aymeric Devoldère Sound Designer
Aymeric Devoldère Sound Effects Editor
David Farmer Sound Designer
Nia Hansen Sound Designer
Tom Johnson Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Didier Lozahic Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Didier Lozahic Supervising Sound Editor
Samson Neslund Sound Effects Editor
Juan Peralta Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Alexis Place Sound Effects Editor
Jérôme Rabu Boom Operator
Chris Trueman Sound Mixer
Emmanuel Galtier Special Effects
Philippe Hubin Special Effects Supervisor
Jean-Christophe Magnaud Special Effects Supervisor
Gerardo Aguilera Visual Effects Supervisor
Neichols Alice Visual Effects Coordinator
Kimberly Aller Visual Effects Coordinator
Romain Bavent Digital Compositors
Marie-Eve Bedard-Tremblay Visual Effects Coordinator
Vincent Bergeron Digital Compositors
Alex Berson Digital Compositors
Louise Bertrand Visual Effects Producer
Olivier Blanchet Digital Compositors
Robert Bock VFX Director of Photography
Xavier Bourque Digital Compositors
Jeremy Bradley Visual Effects Editor
Bertrand Breuze Digital Compositors
Eloi Brunelle Digital Compositors
Julian Bryant Digital Compositors
C.J. Burbage Animation
Jose Burgos CG Supervisor
Conor Byrne Visual Effects Editor
Andy Campion Production Coordinator
Cynthia Rodriguez del Castillo Digital Compositors
Matthieu Chatelier Digital Compositors
Joel Cheyne Visual Effects Coordinator
William Cote Digital Compositors
Gabriel Couture-Bojanowski Digital Compositors
Jaume Creus Digital Compositors
Joanie Croteau Visual Effects Coordinator
Chris Crowell Digital Compositors
Céline Cruz Production Coordinator
Vanessa Delarosbil Digital Compositors
Simon Descamps Visual Effects Producer
Etienne Deshaies Digital Compositors
Ashish Dewan Digital Compositors
Gareth Dinneen Compositors
Thai Son Doan Digital Compositors
Rémi Ducharme Visual Effects Coordinator
Elliott Ducruy Digital Compositors
François Dumoulin Visual Effects Supervisor
Samuel Durocher Digital Compositors
Marco Aurélio Engelmann Santos Digital Compositors
Chloe Feodoroff Visual Effects Coordinator
Maxime Ferland Digital Compositors
Elisa Mar Ferre Digital Compositors
Deak Ferrand Conceptual Design
Deak Ferrand Conceptual Illustrator
Alexis Forni Production Manager
Jérôme Foucout Digital Compositors
Xavier Fourmond Digital Compositors
Melissa Franco Visual Effects Coordinator
Sebastien Francoeur CG Supervisor
Frederic Perrin Fredleew Conceptual Illustrator
Mathieu Girard Digital Compositors
Brian Goodwin CG Supervisor
Olivier Gravel Digital Compositors
Veronique Guay Digital Compositors
Joshua Guitar Visual Effects Editor
Kathrin Günther Digital Compositors
James Daniel Haines Digital Compositors
Martin Hill Visual Effects Supervisor
Matt Holmes VFX Editor
Ahman Hung Visual Effects Coordinator
Sébastien Jacob Digital Compositors
Antoine Jannic Digital Compositors
Bruno-Pierre Jobin Digital Compositors
Charles Jodoin-Keaton Script Supervisor
Marc Jouveneau Visual Effects Supervisor
Kimberly Julien Visual Effects Coordinator
Joseph Kasparian Visual Effects Supervisor
Seth Kenlon Visual Effects
Laurie Kotfila Visual Effects Coordinator
Melissa Laframboise-Maille Digital Compositors
Xavier Larocque Digital Compositors
Martin Larrivée Digital Compositors
Jean-Marc Laurin Digital Compositors
Virginie Lavallée Visual Effects Coordinator
Catherine Lecavalier Visual Effects Coordinator
Sophie Leclerc Visual Effects Producer
Francois Leduc Digital Compositors
Mathieu Legros Digital Compositors
Maxime Lemieux Digital Compositors
Samuel Lepage-Bedard Digital Compositors
Julien Leveugle Digital Compositors
Cedric Lo Animation Supervisor
Owen Longstaff Compositors
Louis-Alexandre Lord Digital Compositors
Martine Losier Visual Effects Coordinator
Olivier Lukaszczyk Digital Compositors
Darren MacKay Digital Compositors
Renaud Madeline Digital Compositors
Jocelyn Maher Digital Compositors
Jérémie Maheu Digital Compositors
Karina Mariano Visual Effects Coordinator
Giorgio Marino Digital Compositors
Olivier Martin Art Direction
Philippe Massonnat Visual Effects Coordinator
Haydn Masuda Compositors
Ken McGaugh Visual Effects Supervisor
Steve McGee Compositors
Carlton McRae Motion Actor
Lori C. Miller Compositors
Belly Mingmuong Digital Compositors
Trevor Moniz Digital Compositors
Rene Morel Conceptual Illustrator
Alexandre Ménard CG Supervisor
Drew Nielsen Visual Effects Coordinator
Nicolas-Alexandre Noel Visual Effects Supervisor
Neila Ouahmed Digital Compositors
Rob Ozaeta Digital Compositors
Anna Pacchioni Digital Compositors
Philippe Pelletier Digital Compositors
Olle Petersson Digital Compositors
Christine Petrov Digital Compositors
Ugo Pierantoni Digital Compositors
Xenia Pirojenko Digital Compositors
François Poirier Visual Effects Editor
Jennifer Ramos Visual Effects Coordinator
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Paul Randall Motion Actor
Philippe Rebours Visual Effects Supervisor
Sébastien Rioux Digital Compositors
Marianne Roberge Digital Compositors
Stephen Robertson Digital Compositors
Paul Saint-Hilaire Digital Compositors
Mauricio Salas Digital Compositors
Katy Savoie Digital Compositors
Carlo Scaduto Digital Compositors
David Scott Digital Compositors
Laetitia Seguin Visual Effects Coordinator
Georgina Selby Production Manager
Brian Sepanzyk Visual Effects Coordinator
Micha Sher Digital Compositors
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Michael Solon Digital Compositors
Guillaume St-Aubin-Seers Digital Compositors
Mark Stanger Animation
Tim Stern Digital Compositors
Scott Stokdyk Visual Effects Supervisor
Paul Story Animation Supervisor
Giuseppe Tagliavini Compositors
Katrina Taylor Visual Effects Editor
Mehdi Tessier Digital Compositors
Philippe Theroux Visual Effects Supervisor
Julie Therrien Digital Compositors
Liu Tiansheng Visual Effects
Will Towle Digital Compositors
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Dirk Valk Animation
Raphael Valle Digital Compositors
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Pau Viladot Digital Compositors
Lea Vuillemin Digital Compositors
Tobias Wiesner Compositors
Yanick Wilisky Visual Effects Producer
Virginia Wilson Visual Effects Coordinator
Alan Woods CG Supervisor
Ji Hyun Yoon Visual Effects
Vladimir Yordanov Digital Compositors
Deborah Zadzora Visual Effects Coordinator
Kefi Abrikh Stunts
Yannick Ben Stunts
Yann Brouet Stunts
Amadéo Cazzela Stunts
Gary Cothenet Stunts
Marc David Stunts
Jessica Decalion Stunts
David Demianoff Stunts
Laurent Demianoff Fight Choreographer
Laurent Demianoff Stunt Coordinator
Lyne Doffagne Stunts
Christophe Dupuis Stunts
Cullet Eric Stunts
Bodie Fitzpatrick Stunts
Bodie Fitzpatrick Motion Actor
Jérôme Gaspard Stunts
Aurelien Gaya Stunts
Wilfried Gomba Stunts
Clément Huet Stunts
Benoit Lavelatte Stunts
Alexandre Lopoka Stunts
John Medalin Stunts
Ilya Nikitenko Stunts
Daren Nop Stunts
David Nop Stunts
Anthony Pho Stunts
Antoine Piquet Stunts
Raimundo Querido Stunts
Brayane Rafiq Stunts
Ludo Silemetzoglou Stunts
Arman Vossougui Stunts
Brice Bailly Electrician
Franck-Norman Bihi Electrician
Philippe Brunel Camera Operator
Philippe Canu Key Grip
Charles Carpentier Electrician
Thibaud Charles Electrician
Lucie Chauveau Grip
Stéphane Cry Electrician
Lorenzo Donati Steadicam Operator
Jean-Marc Duez Grip
Yannick Freess Grip
Gregory Fromentin Gaffer
Quentin Jorquera Electrician
Jonathan Ly Grip
Julien Moine Grip
Giovanni Quéné Grip
Frédéric Thurot Electrician
Jean-Mary Vodoz Grip
Kristian Antonelli Animation
Andrew Butterfield Animation
Tom Chou Animation
Jazmin Evans Animation
Ben Folkman Animation
Elizabeth Gray Lead Animator
HyunKyung Jung Animation
Adrian Lim Animation
Jonathan Macintosh Animation
Lee McNair Lead Animator
David Pate Animation
Nathaniel Seymour Animation
Divyesh Shah Animation
Mark Smith Lead Animator
Nick Stein Animation
Danny Gordon Taylor Animation
Mateo Guez Casting Assistant
François Rivière Casting Assistant
Stéphanie Watrigant Set Costumer
Alexander Aquino Assistant Editor
Clemence Gabrielidis Assistant Editor
Tom Isaac Scott Assistant Editor
Jeremy Ian Thomas Additional Editing
Jean-Pascal Beintus Orchestrator
Nicolas Charron Orchestrator
Peter Cobbin Scoring Mixer
Sylvain Morizet Orchestrator
Conrad Pope Orchestrator
Cecile Tournesac Music Editor
Kirsty Whalley Scoring Mixer
Cameron Brown Motion Actor
Rachael G Campbell Production Coordinator
Ariane Cousi Production Coordinator
Marie Gennesseaux Script Supervisor
Elizabeth Himelstein Dialect Coach
Emilie Livingston Choreographer
Kate Venables Motion Actor
Ben Fransham Motion Actor
Thi Thanh Tu Nguyen Makeup Department Head
Augustin Collet Assistant Art Director
Sarah Nakhle-Cerruti Set Costumer
Marylin Fitoussi Assistant Costume Designer
Daniel Bihin Key Costumer
Corinne Bruand Assistant Costume Designer