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The Hangover Part II
The Wolfpack Is Back

The Hangover crew heads to Thailand for Stu's wedding. After the disaster of a bachelor party in Las Vegas last year, Stu is playing it safe with a mellow pre-wedding brunch. However, nothing goes as planned and Bangkok is the perfect setting for another adventure with the rowdy group.

Chris Twin voted Dont See
Darren voted Dont See
Jason Say voted Dont See
Bradley Cooper as Phil Wenneck
Ed Helms as Stu Price
Zach Galifianakis as Alan Garner
Justin Bartha as Doug Billings
Ken Jeong as Mr. Chow
Paul Giamatti as Kingsley
Mike Tyson as Himself
Jeffrey Tambor as Sid Garner
Mason Lee as Teddy
Jamie Chung as Lauren
Sasha Barrese as Tracy
Gillian Vigman as Stephanie
Aroon Seeboonruang as Monk
Nirut Sirichanya as Fohn
Yasmin Lee as Kimmy
Nick Cassavetes as Tattoo Joe
Sondra Currie as Linda Garner
Bryan Callen as Samir
Brody Stevens as Kingsley Guy
Michael Berry Jr. as Vladi
Andrew Howard as Nikolai
Penpak Sirikul as Joi
Crystal the Monkey as Drug Dealing Monkey
Manel Soler as Kingsley Guy #2
Todd Phillips Director
Scot Armstrong Screenplay
Steve Bing Producer
Craig Mazin Screenplay