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Welcome to Collinwood
Five guys. One safe. No brains.

Five hapless inner-city low-lifes attempt to burgle a pawnbroker's safe, but end up being plagued by bad luck.

Chris Twin voted Dont See
William H. Macy as Riley
Isaiah Washington as Leon
Sam Rockwell as Pero
Michael Jeter as Toto
Luis Guzmán as Cosimo
George Clooney as Jerzy
Patricia Clarkson as Rosalind
Jennifer Esposito as Carmela
Andy Davoli as Basil
Gabrielle Union as Michelle
Charles Minsky Director of Photography
George Clooney Executive Producer
Steven Soderbergh Producer
Lisa Rinzler Director of Photography
Mark Mothersbaugh Original Music Composer
Hunt Lowry Executive Producer
Anthony Russo Screenplay
Anthony Russo Director
Joe Russo Screenplay
Joe Russo Director
Ben Cosgrove Executive Producer
Hendrik Hey Executive Producer
Casey La Scala Executive Producer
Brian Oliver Executive Producer
Amy E. Duddleston Editor