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Bowfinger (1999)

The con is on.

On the verge of bankruptcy and desperate for his big break, aspiring filmmaker Bobby Bowfinger concocts a crazy plan to make his ultimate dream movie. Rallying a ragtag team that includes a starry-eyed ingenue, a has-been diva and a film studio gofer, he sets out to shoot a blockbuster featuring the biggest star in Hollywood, Kit Ramsey -- only without letting Ramsey know he's in the picture.

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Steve Martin
as Bobby Bowfinger

Eddie Murphy
as Kit Ramsey | Jeffernson 'Jiff' Ramsey

Heather Graham
as Daisy

Christine Baranski
as Carol

Jamie Kennedy
as Dave

Adam Alexi-Malle
as Afrim

Kohl Sudduth
as Slater

Barry Newman
as Hal, Kit's Agent

Terence Stamp
as Terry Stricter

Robert Downey Jr.
as Jerry Renfro


Brian Grazer

Bernard Williams
Executive Producer

Bernard Williams
Unit Production Manager

David Newman
Original Music Composer

Karen Kehela Sherwood
Executive Producer

David Boulton
ADR & Dubbing

Ueli Steiger
Director of Photography

Margery Simkin

Jackson De Govia
Production Design

Frank Oz

29-03-2009 Marcus
28-02-2009 Darren