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Escape from Pretoria (2020)

Survival is key

South Africa, 1978. Tim Jenkin and Stephen Lee, two white political activists from the African National Congress imprisoned by the apartheid regime, put a plan in motion to escape from the infamous Pretoria Prison.

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Daniel Radcliffe
as Tim Jenkin

Daniel Webber
as Stephen Lee

Ian Hart
as Denis Goldberg

Mark Leonard Winter
as Leonard

Nathan Page
as Mongo

Grant Piro
as Schnepel

Len Firth
as Vermeulen

Lliam Amor
as Kitson

Adam Tuominen
as Jeremy

PJ Oaten
as Rabkin


Lisa Brennan
Set Decoration

David Barron

David Hirschfelder
Original Music Composer

Gary Hamilton

Geoffrey Hall
Director of Photography

Michelle Krumm

Bryce Menzies
Executive Producer

Fiona Rees-Jones
Hair Designer

Fiona Rees-Jones
Makeup Designer

Kim Williams
Associate Producer