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King Arthur (2004)

Rule Your Fate.

The story of the Arthurian legend, based on the 'Sarmatian hypothesis' which contends that the legend has a historical nucleus in the Sarmatian heavy cavalry troops stationed in Britain, and that the Roman-British military commander, Lucius Artorius Castus is the historical person behind the legend.

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Clive Owen
as Arthur

Ioan Gruffudd
as Lancelot

Keira Knightley
as Guinevere

Mads Mikkelsen
as Tristan

Joel Edgerton
as Gawain

Hugh Dancy
as Galahad

Ray Winstone
as Bors

Stephen Dillane
as Merlin

Ray Stevenson
as Dagonet

Til Schweiger
as Cynric


Dan Weil
Production Design

Jerry Bruckheimer

Ronna Kress

Hans Zimmer
Original Music Composer

Bruce Hendricks
Executive In Charge Of Production

Mike Stenson
Executive Producer

Chad Oman
Executive Producer

Pat Sandston
Associate Producer

David Franzoni

Slawomir Idziak
Director of Photography