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S.W.A.T. (2003)

You're either S.W.A.T. or you're not.

Hondo Harrelson recruits Jim Street to join an elite unit of the Los Angeles Police Department. Together they seek out more members, including tough Deke Kay and single mom Chris Sanchez. The team's first big assignment is to escort crime boss Alex Montel to prison. It seems routine, but when Montel offers a huge reward to anyone who can break him free, criminals of various stripes step up for the prize.

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Samuel L. Jackson
as Sgt. Dan 'Hondo' Harrelson

Colin Farrell
as Jim Street

Michelle Rodriguez
as Chris Sanchez

LL Cool J
as Deacon 'Deke' Kay

Josh Charles
as T.J. McCabe

Jeremy Renner
as Brian Gamble

Brian Van Holt
as Michael Boxer

Olivier Martinez
as Alex Montel

Domenick Lombardozzi
as GQ

Reg E. Cathey
as Lt. Greg Velasquez


Mayne Berke
Production Design

David McKenna

Michael Tronick

Sarah Halley Finn

Peter Brown
Sound Effects Editor

Dan Halsted

M. James Arnett
Stunt Coordinator

M. James Arnett
Second Unit Director

Seth Arnett

Elliot Goldenthal
Original Music Composer

29-03-2009 Marcus
23-02-2009 Darren
18-02-2009 James