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Pianosa Island, Italy, World War II. Bombardier John Yossarian tries to fulfill his duty, maintain sanity and return home as soon as possible, but incompetence and bureaucracy constantly stand in his way.

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Christopher Abbott
as John Yossarian

Kyle Chandler
as Colonel Cathcart

Daniel David Stewart
as Milo Minderbinder

Rafi Gavron
as Aarfy Aardvark

Graham Patrick Martin
as Ivor Orr

Kevin J. O'Connor
as Lt. Col. Korn

Austin Stowell
as Edward J. Nately III

Jon Rudnitsky
as McWatt

Gerran Howell
as Kid Sampson

Tessa Ferrer
as Sue Ann Duckett


Richard Brown
Executive Producer

Joseph Heller

Ellen Kuras

David Michôd
Executive Producer

Luke Davies
Executive Producer

Steve Golin
Executive Producer

George Clooney
Executive Producer

Grant Heslov
Executive Producer

Alessandro Santucci
Supervising Art Director

Jason Ramos